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Why did we get involved in this campaign?

Research tells us that young people are some of the hardest people to reach through advertising. Despite being the most connected generation their expectation for authentic brand communication makes them a discerning group, which meant a campaign simply telling them what to do with their half-term wasn’t good enough. More than ever before, young Londoners need to feel supported, prioritised and empowered and that is exactly what we set out to do with the LDN Film makers project. Working alongside the Mayor and DCM we wanted to provide a unique and meaningful opportunity for London’s young talent to come together to use their voices, tell their stories and learn new skills in a week-long workshop run over half-term.

"The LDN Film Makers workshops (in partnership with the Mayor of London and DCM) are a wonderful and timely example of innovative, relevant communication. Complex and critical societal problems are rarely countered by an ‘off the shelf’ advertising solution. All too often, authority figures preach solutions to vulnerable and distrusting young Londoners. This project gave young people a platform to have their own experiences and showcase their unique talent. An authentic and important content solution that Wavemaker is extremely proud to be a part of."

Image of Gavin Laisby

Gavin Laisby