The Films

The LDN Filmmakers had one week to create a short film that reflected social issues that young people currently face in London.

To Carry

Young Londoner Jay is one step away from achieving his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. But hard work is not the only requirement to make it to the top. The direction of his future rests entirely on the decision of a passing stranger.

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London is a diverse and multicultural city. Nevertheless, there are many that still fight the stigma attached to their race, religion or postcodes. When two strangers meet on a train, their tendency to judge is put to the test.

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The Silent Path

How do you tell one of your closest friends the ugly truth? How do you help them out of a difficult situation if it means putting yourself at risk? Elle and Tee’s friendship could come to a bitter end unless they can figure out the answers.

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The pressure of submitting to society’s norms can be unbearable, but how do you break free without losing yourself in a big city like London?

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No Answer

Stephanie is a young woman preparing to go to university with her friends, but the street life is still calling her. Sometimes it’s too late to go back.

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London Made Me

On her way home, a girl reflects on the vibrancy, culture and diversity of London and how it has shaped her.

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