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Why did we get involved in this campaign?

Chocolate Films Workshops took part in the LDN Film School Project because the project's objectives matched our organisation’s objectives and ethos to make filmmaking more accessible to people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds, as we believe that filmmaking is and should be for everyone. It was an honour to be one of the partners working to facilitate the young filmmakers in the city of London with an opportunity of a lifetime to work with professional filmmakers and industry’s best equipment to celebrate and showcase their talent.

"The feedback from the participants was positive and many of them went on to study film or work in the film industry. We have had several working with us at Chocolate Films supporting us on both workshops and shoots."

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Apply now for our 2022 programme

Please complete the below details if you wish to enroll on the 2022 programme. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation of receipt email. After that, someone within Chocolate Films will be in contact via details provided if your application has been succesful or not. Hope to see you in Feb!

Reminder, you must be aged 15 by the 15/02/2022 to apply

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